Unsolved mysteries

Kholat-Syahyl – Mountain of the Dead

The Mansi people bypass this place. And with quiet horror he says: “Kholat-Syakhil.” This Mountain of the Dead, located in the most remote and remote place in the Sverdlovsk region, keeps more than one gloomy secret. Here they constantly found dead, tormented people who fell into a deadly trap. In 1959, a group of seasoned tourists headed by Igor Dyatlov headed here. I must say that the campaign in the Subpolar Urals began successfully, people felt cheerful, no one complained. Soon the tourists reached Mount Holat-Syahyl and made a halt. And at night a terrible thing happened: in a short time, the whole group died.

The search for Dyatlov and his comrades continued for about a half-moon. And when they were discovered, a terrible picture appeared before their eyes: as if someone bloodthirsty and cruel had staged a real massacre here. The belongings of tourists scattered over the snow testified to an attempt to hastily escape.

Today there are many versions of the death of Igor Dyatlov’s group. Some argue that alien aliens are to blame for the tragedy (see also: Stars who, according to them, met aliens). Others suspect local shamans who obviously did not like the presence of outsiders near the sacred mountain. However, there is still no clear and precise answer to questions related to the tragedy at the Mountain of the Dead.


No one has yet come face to face with Bigfoot, and many scientists only dream of this long-awaited meeting. So far, they could only capture the huge footprints left by the yeti, or capture on film its fleeing silhouette. Interest in the “wild man” arose in tsarist Russia. In 1907, the zoologist Viktor Khokhlov conducted his research. And, in his opinion, the first Asian man lives on the territory of Kazakhstan, looking very much like a yeti. Unfortunately, Khokhlov’s scientific letter with justifications did not get a move: political events in the country intervened. And everyone was not up to the yeti.

Lately, only the lazy have not been talking about Bigfoot. And, beating their chests, some of the “researchers” claim to have recently had a meeting with him. Real scientists, armed with knowledge, are still trying to figure out the history of the origin of Bigfoot. Yeti (aka Bigfoot and Sasquatch) has become the subject of the most unexpected, almost fantastic hypotheses.

For example, Professor Porshnev claimed that Bigfoot are Neanderthals who miraculously survived. And the Japanese scientist Nebuka proved with enviable persistence that the yeti is a huge Himalayan bear. The Finns went the furthest. The scientific minds of Suomi, in all seriousness, spoke about aliens who, having been in the skin of a Bigfoot, return to their planet.

Other researchers – quite respectable academicians – recalled Michel Nostradamus, who warned us about the birth of a hybrid of man and animal. The Americans added fuel to the heated scientific dispute, promising a reward of $ 1 million for a live Bigfoot caught. But, despite all the attempts, the Yeti remains an elusive mystery of nature, And how long it will run from us, showing a hairy back, is unknown.

Missing Train

They cheerfully got into the train cars, anticipating the delights of the trip. The bell at the station struck and the friendly team of passengers set off on their journey. It should be noted that all expenses for this trip were covered by the Rome Railway Company and the Sanetti company. They provided passengers, of which there were about a hundred people, with free comfort. The train, briskly clattering its wheels, was approaching a tunnel cut through the rocks of Lombardy.

Passengers, happily talking, did not even suspect what a terrible fate awaited them ahead. Because free cheese, to paraphrase a well-known proverb, happens only in a tunnel. It was in this gaping hole that the whole train with passengers disappeared completely, without a trace. However, two of them managed to jump off the footboard at the last moment. They suddenly felt uncomfortable. And the train with cars “ate” an unknown and terrible space. The year was 1911 outside.

Perhaps, according to scientists, the train got into parallel worlds, got stuck in a time loop – and became a ghost. And he appeared from time to time at the station in a cloud of thick black smoke. Woe was to that hurrying passenger at the station, who jumped on the bandwagon of the train. It disappeared without a trace, like morning fog at sunrise (see also: Dissolved in the sky: the most mysterious disappearances of planes – why were they never found?).

It is interesting to note that in 1840, the psychiatrist José Saxino, who lived in Mexico City, made a very curious entry in his diary:

“104 people were admitted to the city hospital. Diagnosis – mass clouding of reason. And it’s the same for everyone. A rare occurrence! Patients behaved inappropriately, not understanding the appeal to them. However, this was quickly resolved: it turned out that all the newcomers were not Mexicans and not Spaniards.